Vessel inspections services covers the following domains:

  • Pre-Purchase inspections.
  • Vessel Condition inspections.
  • Casualty and Damage Investigations.
  • Class Record Inspections.

A standard, Full Inspection Report covers the below items, complete with supporting documents and photographic evidence of the condition, noting any concerns together with recommended remedial actions.
The Report format identifies Budget Costs for remedial actions to bring the vessel up to a recommended condition, for safe and reliable operation. The report covers the key domains and not limited to:

  • Performance of the Vessel
  • Class survey Status – COC’s and Memos
  • Hull Structural Condition
  • Status of Deck Machinery
  • Tank condition including coating condition
  • Planned Maintenance Systems and Status
  • Engine room Machinery Spaces status report
  • Accommodation and House Keeping
  • Navigation equipment status