Company’s main focus is to ensure safe operation of the vessels we manage, with no injuries , loss of life, damage to property or to the environment.
Our agenda is to provide a quality assured ship management service to ship owners with 5 key take away’s:

1. Guaranteed performance.
2. Minimum off-hire
3. Safety of personnel.
4. Safety of environment.
5. Budgetary control.


  • To operate ship’s in compliance with all International & National regulations .
  • To operate ships in compliance with classification society rules, and apply recognized industry standards as appropriate.
  • To continually attempt to improve Safety, Health, and Environmental & Quality Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships. Our human values are very essential and good performances are rewarded.
  • To ensure and establish that crisis management are well taken care of all identified risks.
  • To ensure customer requirements are met complying all regulations.